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Come talk to us. Tell us about your document needs and we'll configure Rendr to satisfy them. Go digital and keep all of your documents in one place.

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Gather & Sign

Fill out and sign documents effortlessly. Work on the go with the flexibility that Rendr provides.

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All of your documents will be saved and kept in the cloud. These are retrievable using Rendr Web.



  • Basic

  • User license: $4.99 /mo1
  • Processed docs fee: $0.10 doc /mo2
  • Configuration fee: $80 hr3
  • Dropbox storage4
  • Custom

  • User license: $4.99 /mo1
  • Processed docs fee: $0.10 doc /mo2
  • Configuration fee: $80 hr3
  • Integration fee: $10005

1 User license fee is $4.99 per user monthly. Five (5) users in a month totals $25.00
2 10 cents ($0.10) per processed document monthly. Ten (10) processed documents in a month totals $1.00.
3 The time it takes us to configure all your form for information gathering. Three (3) hours totals $240.
4 Dropbox is used as storage for processed documents. Clients will choose appropiate Dropbox plan for their needs and paid for it normally.
5 For an additional $1000 one-time fee you will be able to handle information and documents in your own software. Rendr will be used for capture and transport only and will not save any information after successful upload.